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[Awesome Things!] My Life According to Avril Lavigne

Mar. 31st, 2010 | 10:22 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Avril Lavigne

..That's all I have to say.
What's happened to that?! -->
:3 I'm planning something else. It takes too much of my time to put anyway Dx sorry.

Rules: using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. You can't use the band I used, & don't repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)". Use your iPod or Itunes and put it on shuffle! ^^ 

Pick your Artist: 
Avril Lavigne 

Your sex: 
Everything Back But You ( lol XD ) 

Describe yourself: 
When You're Gone 

How do you feel: 
One of Those Girls ( Dx nuuu! lol although if that'd been 'your sex' that'd be worse LMAO ) 

Describe where you currently live: 
I'm With You ( Hell yes ;D I STALK you! ) 

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
My Happy Ending ( O.o these are making sense... creepy Dx )

Your favorite form of transportation:
Contagious ( lol O.o runaway would've been good. )

Your best friend is:
I Always Get What I Want ( XD Hell yes )

You and your best friends are:
Don't Tell Me ( Dx then how are we bestfriends?! XD )

What's the weather like:

Favorite time of day: 
Hot ( Dx i hate hot times of the day lol. And imagine if this had been weather! XD ) 

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Girlfriend ( oh lol, typical sort of show xD )

What is life to you:
Hot ( Japanese Version ) ( does that count? xD and lol )

Your relationship: 
Take Me Away 

Your fear:
Get Over It ( lol )

What is the best advice you have to give:
I Don't Have to Try ( wow, I seem so full of myself XD )

Thought for the Day: 
Keep Holding On ( x3 yay~ ) 

How you would like to die: 
Innocence ( ....well, it's peaceful XD ) 

Your soul's present condition:
I Can Do Better

Your motto:
The Best Damn Thing
Lol. Well that was fun! x3
If you do it, please show me yours! :D
and good luck.
Love ChaRAWR xXx

[Anime Nutters United] February & March Meets + Unofficial Meet

Mar. 26th, 2010 | 04:58 pm
mood: rushed rushed
music: Hetalia Music~!

Come one, Come all,
To This Tragic Affair.
Weather: 貼れ曇り  風. 雨もです/Sunny, Cloudy & Windy. It's Raining too.
Today's Lucky ___ for Cancerians
Time of Day: 1pm
Number: 44

^_^ Hi again! Well, I have a lot to update with( I can't believe how many cosplay meets I've been to recently! xD It's like every weekend! ) so I figured I'd best get started ;D
In this entry, I will tell you a little about the February and March meets that A.N.U had. Well, of what I can remember >.<; and also the un-official one we had when a few of us in the group went to Xscape in Castleford for the day ^_^

27th February

Damn, it was such an epic day! x3 It was damn cold and I was walking around with goosebumps on my knees because of wearing my redXblk knee socks and red plaid skirt Dx but otherwise I really enjoyed the day! 8D
We first of all went to watch Ponyo at the cinema, because they were only showing it early Dx but I'm glad I made an extra effort to get there early enough because it was SO CUTE! x3 Seriously, I really enjoyed it :D one of my favourite films now<3
Oh and that song XD ;
We started raving to it in the cinema, and outside too XDXD
Oh my god, look what i just found;
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp3yb3sw0sk EPIC WIN x3
And here's the theme in japanese XD CAN'T FIND THE OTHER ENGLISH ONE T_T

So after the film, we went to the train station again to meet the rest of the group. We'd already lost rexyrex when she'd come in to the station apparently, and Sam and Josh hadn't arrived yet. At the station, we met my bff Samantha, and after a while of waiting for anyone else, set off. Only a few yards from the station, and Sam & Josh found us XD so that was that, and we were only missing rexyrex. We didn't manage to find her again D: who knows what could've happened to her.. maybe a lion ate her D': we're sorry, rexyrex.

Hmm, so other epic things that happened?
We had a little photoshoot thing of the whole group. Well, with most of us in it anyway :] That took a while actually xD It was amusing to watch Rachel trying to get us organised, and sort of failing in the end T_T

XD Monisha was either too far left or too far right on them both xP Monisha is the one with the blue top, jeans, and black hair ^^
After the photos, we had a BOTTLE FIGHT >D
I love all parts but part 2 is especially hilarious lol
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Ritual? O.o -
XD It was an epic day indeed.
And here are my photos:
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=985485&id=1074505639 Just keep clicking next or on the photo to look at them all. When you get to the ones saying 'Meet 8/20thMarch2010.' You've seen them all!

20th March

^_^ The most recent of the A.N.U meets! So for this one, a lot more of us came, mainly because it was a joint meet with Rachel's birthday party, too! ^_^ She's 16 now xD noooooo, adult prices on trains D: meh, she should just pretend she's 15 still for a while. I think I'm going to, even though I'm 17 this year XD because apparently I look about 15 anyway. <.< £10 for a return ticket to York is TOO MUCH!

ANYWAY! xD For this meet, we were going to have another bottle fight, with Team America and Team England... but it was raining really badly >.< so we'll do that next time :3 i forgot a bottle in any case XD and we didn't go buy any.
Overall, I think this meet was even more epic than last months. XD Srsly, it was great!
Here are some photos~
http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=1028423&id=1074505639 Keep going through them until you get to the ones that don't say 'Meet 8/20thMarch2010' ^_^

So this meet had an Alice in Wonderland/Gothic/Lolita/Japanese theme! ^_^ For we were going to see Alice in Wonderland! :D Which was really amazing~
My lolita didn't arrive in time( it still hasn't -_- ) so I wore my Punk Neko cosplay for Igiko! ^_^ Whose name actually is Alice xP but she actually doesn't like Alice in Wonderland.. heh ^^;

So we went to places like Forbidden Planet, Travelling Man, Market etcetc. Gave Rachel her present and card at a bus stop O.o lol. She was happy with the LuckyStar 2nd Manga I'd got her ^_^ on her card, I drew pasta~ cuz she's Italy. But because I'm England, it wouldn't of tasted very nice Dx ...I-i mean, my food is FINE!!! <.<
Oh yeah, and not sure if I've mentioned them before, but there are these massive boxes of pocky you can get- well Matt got a strawberry one ( £7 XD )and.. my god, do they look wrong DX
They are nice, though! XD

Uhmmm, what else happened..?
Ah! Of course! THIS;

As you can see, there were these bikes that Sport Relief had put up. You give £2 to ride them and you have to ride a mile as quick as you can ^_^ so after the guy from shake a holic and the milkshake from shake a holic had had a go, a few of us did too xP afterwards, I was very tired and dizzy Dx I faced Melissa, who was about 10secs faster than me Dx she was pretending to be Arthur and I was Alice, so it was the battle between England XD
[ will add image here, hopefully ]
The Mad Hatter faced Sasuke the Cheshire cat.

& The White Rabbit faced Alice xD

Also, I'd really recommend shake a holic ^_^ it's awesome, you choose a sweet or chocolate to put in your milkshake. I had Terry's Chocolate Orange, and MAN was it nice! x3 A few of A.N.U will be on the wall of fame XD i didn't get to be, because I was the last of them to order D:

Sooo after the film, a few of us went to Rachel's house for the party! I think I'm the only one who left from her house, the rest stayed over. Lol the party was pretty fun ^_^ danced hare hare yukai with Angie and Rachel( and Emily a little bit, she was sitting down and dancing XD ), ate nomage, sang to the awesome choice of songs Rachel had put on the laptop, and went on webcam with Poppy/America XD I didn't want to leave! No fair! T_T
Here's Shannon's/The Mad Hatter's( she'd bought the cosplay that day XD ) futterwacker dance! -

17th February

XD I can honestly say that it was even more epic than the Lost Prophets concert I went to on the 14th! It was such a fun day. We didn't get to go lazershooting like we had wanted to, due to all the kids :/ but we still had one hell of an epic time :3
lol epic epic epic. Sorry. I know it's all I usually say nowadays, but that's truely the one word I can use to sum a whole day up! ^_^
So Rachel and I got a train there and back, which I could use my half-fare metro pass for so yay ^_^ didn't cost all that much :3
Met Melissa, Matt, and Shannon there. I'd never met Matt or Shannon before ^_^

So much amazing stuff happened, it's hard to include it all XD
But I hope these videos and photos will help! ^^

Hare Hare Yukai on a Hill -
Meerkats? -
Itachi visits an underwear shop -
BALLPIT! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=127FXF1Q0S0
BALLPIT! Continued - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynJ8CA-I8DA
Deidara's under a table? O.o - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5tM7hBUv1I
My Photos~

So some random things to say that happened;
Matt gave Shannon a piggyback ride through Next( he did it again at the A.N.U March Meet, too XD just not in a Next. It was near a Next, tho O.o )
Scared people in a cafe and got weird stares from a man O.o
Went on a ride in wigs.. not a good idea XD
Shannon did athlectics near the train station O.o
Shouted paastaaa a lot.
Itachi went back to the future and left Deidara behind.
Itachi's dream of being a builder failed.
We tried to find Russia but failed to.
Played many racing games :3
Melissa won a big Hello Kitty plush in a grabbing machine.
Itachi fell in love with a clown photo.
We were outraged at a shop not having our flag, and putting Japan's on the floor, AND NEXT TO FRANCE'S AT THAT! >.<
Deidara blew up a bin/made a bin start smoking with the help of Itachi
I found Ameriko on DancingStageSuperNova when Itachi & Deidara were dancing.
Matt and I played Mario Kart Arcade, and lost the others Dx only to find they were in the cafe place in the arcade bit XD
Rachel was the only girl without converse xD
Rachel was the only girl without a SLUSH PUPPiE.
Apparently Melissa's ginger hair is a wig and she really has natural pink hair O.o
Deidara hid under a table.
Matt killed me with his randomness when he crushed a malteaser with his forehead XD
Danced the Hare Hare Yukai on a hill.
Matt fell down the hill XD

And yet even more stuff happened, too XD

OK so that's it for now XD I'm going red here from laughing so much remembering the things that happened lol.

I still have a lot to update with, so expect more from me soon, lol.

Wipe off that Makeup,
What's In Is Despair.
x ChaRAWR x

[Awesome Things!] My Doubutsu Uranai!

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 03:48 pm
mood: hungry hungry
music: Marukaite Chikyuu - Lithuania

Wow, I found something pretty cool! ^_^

Weather: Kumori to Kaze/曇り  風/Cloudy & Windy
Today's Lucky ___ for Cancerians
Time of Day:

DOUBUTSU URANAI uses the date of birth, based on the Four Pillars of Destiny, that breaks down the human characteristics into 12 different kinds of animals.
Here's the site to use: http://world.doubutsu-uranai.com/
I thought this was really cool, scarily accurate, cute, and fun at the same time! ^_^ So I decided to post it here for you all to enjoy!

I am a Green Fawn( this is seriously SCARILY accurate xD )

You are Green Fawn, whose expression and attitude seems slow and lacks energetic action.
You are quiet and don't say much.
You will not show your inner feelings to people easily.
You have the heart of a young child, and although you may act bit selfish, you will not make enemies.
You are shy and reserved, and tends to be bit like dreaming little girl.
By depending on others you express yourself, and therefore people find it hard to hate you.
You are not very good at handling real world.
You are interested in emotional and mental fields.
And tend to study subjects like religion and mysterious things.
You have a tendency to be self satisfied, but you yourself do not mind that at all.
You actually enjoy that.
You are good at fending off other people's frustration and anger.
Therefore you don't get caught up in troubles, and are able to lead a quiet and peaceful life.
You can not stand difficult situations, and will easily give things up.
If you can work with those people who are gentle and kind, they can bring out your inner talent.
Once married, you will be an excellent wife who would protect her house and family.

Let me know what you get! ^_^

Also, I will update with more on what cosplay I have been working on, where I've been recently, photos of my England Plushie, Figures, and I'll show you some artwork too ^_^

x ChaRAWR x

[After Expo] Midlands MCM Expo 2010! & England Plush~!

Mar. 13th, 2010 | 01:06 am
mood: creative creative
music: Pub and GO! - England. CV: Noriaki Sugiyama

O.o Erm.. yeah, idk either..

Today's Lucky ____ for Cancerians
Colour: Pink.
Number: 22.

So, Hi everyone! ^_^ To..night, I'm going to tell you a bit about the expo~!
Cuz I finally feel like doing so, and I really should do. But it might not be in order because knowing me I'll probably remember something and be like, MUST INCLUDE BEFORE I FORGET, so I'm sorry if this seems rushed at all ^^;

First of all, seeing as It's in my mind atm, I'll just talk about my England Plushie. This;

OK I chose that photo cuz I get to show you the Haruhi and Sally plushies I got at expo too~ plus it's lolage if you think of Iggy as Jesus, Sally as the Virgin Mary and Haruhi as.. well, God xD I srsly didn't even position them that way on purpose, I just randomly realised what it looked like one day and was literally just like "...oh..my..god..!! MUST TAKE PHOTO OF THAT~!" xD
Here's one of him closer up~

And hell yeah, he has a unicorn~ cuz I'm so typically English I have many unicorns ;3

OK, so you remember I was saying "I want him to come in time so I can use him in the performance at expo~"?
Oh ho ho. Sods law. Sods.bloody.law. XD
It arrived at my house on the day of expo, and my house is in Leeds. Whereas on expo day, I was in Telford. In fact I was there the day before. But not Thursday- that's because Katy's Mum was too busy that day and so i couldn't come over. So I went on Friday.
Thankfully that snow didn't stop me getting there! ^_^
I took my eevee plushie for just in case, but.. ended up not adding it in the performance anyways, as Katy didn't wanna get hit xD srsly, I'm so sorry Katy, lmao. While practising, I was just chucking it at her like "MWAHAHAHA FEEL MY PLUSHIE WRATH!!".
..Well, i didn't actually SAY that, but it would've been epic if i had xD that's just the way it seemed lmao.

Here's TonyoTimes' video with our performance;
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX_H8n5NORY ( WE WERE ON SO EARLY Dx WHYYY?! lmao, I only started getting nervous when we got in line for going up on stage. Then i really started feeling sick, and questioning why we were doing this, lmao. ALSO, THE GIR WAS AWESOME. She was really friendly :3 )
And my video with videos and photos!;
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw7wAJCufuc ( YOUTUBE KILLED IT THOUGH D: After the first video clip, it goes out of sync and actually misses a photo out. But it was just a random one that looked like Katy was getting electrocuted xD my flash killed her vision, lmao )
My after expo video( WHICH I DIDN'T NEED PARTS FOR~! );

So overall, expo was really epic. I got to meet SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE, and also see quite a few who I'd met before, who are also awesome ;D
I didn't know when I could go meet the celebs, so I ended up not even seeing them D':
I didn't wanna lose Katy by letting her go off by herself, so I ended up being dragged all over the expo by her on her hunt for Mello's xD AND WTF THERE WAS NO MELLO MERCHANDISE!! She was very much annoyed at this xP
I'm also annoyed I didn't go to the yaoi stall.. but.. the guy was scaring us by shouting at Katy, "CIEL YOU KNOW YOU NEED YAOI!!" xD

But still, it was tremendously fun!! ^_^ If I talked to you, then IT WAS AWESOME SEEING YOU!! ^_^ There wasn't one person i thought wasn't epic lol. EVERYONE WAS! ^_^
Here's a photo of my group ;D taken by Bento Dan on Flickr!

From left to right; Jessica, Me, Katy.

I do still have more to update with, though xD
x ChaRAWR x

Youtube - EmosLastKiss
DeviantART - xPoisonedxRosex
CosplayIsland - EmosLastKiss
Cosplay.com -

[Expo] Midlands MCM Expo 2010!

Feb. 13th, 2010 | 06:26 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: World is Mine - Miku Hatsune( Ending Song )

..Did that scare you? It did me O___o

A new feature?
Today's Lucky ____ for Cancerians
Time of Day:

Today I shall talk about the MCM Expo that is taking place in Telford IN A WEEK! :O
I am definitely going, as Amu Hinamori.
And I also have been granted a place in the masquerade! 8D
I just need to figure out what song me and Katy will dance to..
Actually, I have made one with two dances, that is 2:24 mins long!
Well, it's shorter than the 5:36 one! XD

So HOPEFULLY Katy and I can learn it ( well, I know it. We just need to add acting parts in it :P )in time. But she knows almost NOTHING of it >_<
And, like I said before, there is a week.
Still, we shall try our best XD we have 2 days to practice together~
For now, the songs.. remain a secret ;D YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE!
( and probably watch us fail Dx )

So, are you going to the expo?
If you are, please comment!
And try to find me as I'd love to see you 8D

I know it's gunna be EPIC! :D It's my first MCM expo, nevermind my first one at Telford! xP
I'm so lucky Katy lives in Telford lol :] and that I have met her many times before. And that I have her as my awesome friendy~ :3

Tomorrow is Valentines Day
But that's besides the point.
I ish going with my best friend Samantha and her boyfriend Zac.
It will be epic n_n
I wish my boyfriend could go too.. damn France! XD

Then on Tues, I'm going to town with Rachel and cosplaying Igiko, and making pancakes~

Thurs i go to Katy's.
So the days inbetween i have to upload vids and such to youtube/my laptop at the very least.
And charge batteries. A lot. Dx
In fact they're charging currently! XD
I shud go unplug them soon..

Also, today i thought my England plushie would arrive..
It didn't T_T
IT BETTER COME B4 THURS! D: Then I can use it in the masquerade x3
If it doesn't.. I could use another plushie XD

idk how or where i will keep the plushie tho lol.
On the floor after i throw it? O__o Perhaps xP
Poor plushie.


Alright, I'll go now xD

I'm so formal XD
x ChaRAWR x

[Anime Nutters United] Latest Meet & Anime Night:23rd-24th Jan 2010 PART 2

Feb. 8th, 2010 | 12:53 am
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: My Interpretation - Mika ( aswell as many other songs while posting images XD )

So read Part 1 first~
the entry before this

First of all,
remember this, from an entry I made a while ago?
( My Amu Hinamori Snow Photos I Think )

Well.... >]

I found one on ebay for £6.56.
Well, I found 2, but the other was like, £36 lol.
I couldn't resist.
>D I BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!
Well, rather, my Dad did XD I don't have a paypal account. But when I get some money at the end of the month, I shall pay him back! ^_^
HOPEFULLY he will get here b4 the expo~

Well, I'll start the on-topic entry now xP


So the day after Anime Night, we all woke up.. eventually xD and got ready in our cosplay's ( well, most of us were in cosplay xP )and then set out for the bus ( a bit late as usual Dx )to go meet the others at the train station!
Once there, we.. took photos >D and after that, I went to get some money out of my bank XD
Well there were many more than that XD so I honestly didn't just upload that many xP

So then, we set off to the bowling! ( I think 'XD )
On the way there, Monisha stole subway's balloons, and gave one to me. They had HELIUM IN THEM x3
I'd never had helium before, so I was asking Monisha about it to figure out how to make it work on my voice.
It SORT OF worked on my voice xD I couldn't tell very well, though. We kept shouting 'paastaaaa' which was fun XD
And then, Ellie asked for my balloon to test something. I handed it over, not really knowing what she was doing.... and then after tieing it, she.. LET IT GO?!
So i shouted 'NOOOOOO MY BALLOON!!!!!!' and watched it fly away in the distance, hearing Ellie comment, 'Hm. So it does have helium in it' Lmfao XD I suppose it wasn't working all that well on my voice.

Sadly craftwise is shut on Sunday's, and this was one, so we couldn't go in there, even tho we did pass it ^^
I believe while passing Fuji Hiro ( a noodle bar )some asian people( probably Japanese ) smiled at us as they realised we were cosplaying :P

We spent a while paying and getting our shoes on- mine of which suited my cosplay xP -and then went to play!
We had separate teams- one lane was for the chibi's, supervised by Jack who wasn't playing. The other for us, the cosplayers, who aren't chibi's xP
iwishiwasD: ( I think only 2 chibi's were cosplaying, and they were in the chibi team >D )
The chibi's had more players, and their game took longer, but meh XD and our lane kept spazzing up lol.
Yesh, so after our game ended ( I came a close 3rd xP I think Panda/Ann-Marie had 1 more point than me. It was something like 104 and I probably had 103 lol. Also I can't remember which team won >_< )we went to the arcade bit :P and spent about £8 in total on a grabbing machine, of which only Melissa won something from xD and she won it b4 any of us tried lol. I ALMOST got a Luigi and Princess Peach. But it dropped them >_< it was only like 30p a go tho :P I had 2 go's.
Not sure when these were taken, but b4 we went to the café anyway xD
We also went on the dancing machine xP
Here's a video of Rachel's EPIC dancing :P
Here's a photo of us all looking so jealous xD and Amu staring at the camera evilly..

Jack=secretly jealous.
Emily(idk her cosplay D:)=jealous.

lmao XD but of course, we're not all jealous really~
We just look it on this photo.. O___o
We're just impressed at her dancing xD SHE GOT PERFECT ALL THE TIME, SRSLY WTF?! ON ONE OF THE HARD LEVELS, TOO!!!!
Or medium.. idk XD BUT NOT EASY!!!!

Now then, lets get to the café shall we? x3
I got a cup of tea, but there was no semi-skimmed milk, so i had to have whole( left about half of it in the container ) and about 5 sugars xD it still wasn't that nice, but meh. I WAS BEING A MIX BETWEEN AMU AND ENGLAND, OK?! THEY DRINK TEA!!!! x3 And tea is awesome, anyway! FIRST CUP OF TEA I'D EVER HAD FROM A CAFÉ! *feels accomplished at trying so many new things this day xD*
[1st] u can c my tea & my skirt & bag xD
[2nd] More than half of the stuff on the table isn't ours, it's the previous people's xD

So then, we went to shops, like Travelling Man.. think that was pretty much it >_<
We also decided on going to Forbidden Planet, to see if it was still open, and on the way... we're walking along.. and we notice a familiar face..
Me and Rachel's heads turn to look at her, and stop in our tracks. And then, shout, POPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XD Poppy is the leader of the York cosplay group, called Yorcos.
She was out in Leeds with her boyfriend~
I think I scared her when I asked to take a photo, to.. prove and remember that we saw her XD
Lol she's so famous xD

The girl who made me watch the 1st ep of Hetalia.
And who is cosplaying a Valentines-Day America xD

So we then set off again to Forbidden Planet, and when we got there...
So I and a few of the others went up to the doors like we did to Travelling Man once, and shouted 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!' at it.
OH speaking of which, on anime night, i also did that to the disney store that's closed down!!!! T_T
Monisha got a vid, but she doesn't upload to youtube Dx lol. I'll ask if she can :3
*wants to see my epic acting again lol*

Anyway, then Jack, Ellie, Emily, Katie & Owen went to the bus stop just up the street from Forbidden Planet, to get the bus home.
So we all said bye, and the rest of us who needed to go to Rachel's house went to get the bus there.

Melissa and Panda were the first to leave Rachel's house after getting their stuff. Me and Monisha had to wait to be picked up.
So we watched Matthew and Neil playing on the ps2 for a bit n_n and Monisha made a pot-noodle. I think Rachel did too lol. Or something similar. SO I WAS HUNGRY T_T but oh well XD Also Monisha did this with Matthew's Naruto wig and her hair..

And then, oddly, Monisha and I both left at the same time xDDD

So that's it :D btw, the meet was on Neil & Matthew's birthday. And also to celebrate Jack's that was coming up. He insisted it wasn't important, BUT IT WAS HIS 18TH! xD
Here r a few more photos i wanna include~
[1 b4 above] annoyed Amu? [above] Amu & Yuki have escaped the nuthouse XD
And my videos~
Rachel's videos of Anime Night~
Her Meet Day Vids

I know it looks like a lot but each vid is like only like a minute long :P some not even that. And they're epicly funny so I suggest you watch them XD

x Cha

[Anime Nutters United] Latest Meet & Anime Night:23rd-24th Jan 2010 PART 1

Feb. 6th, 2010 | 06:45 pm
mood: artistic artistic
music: End song: Sharada - Skye Sweetnam

Have I Really Not Posted About A.N.U Yet?
That's Odd :S

Hi everyone~
First of all, I'd like to just comment on how( if you're eating, please finish before reading the next part of this entry, lol ) last night I threw up.
For no reason what so ever O___o
What happened was, I started feeling really sick and dizzy when I got in the bath, probably as it was too hot( idk how that happened XD when I tested it it was warm ), and when I got out, I felt really sick and dizzy. Like, REALLY sick. So I tried to hurry and put my sponge and cloth away, and went in my room to get changed quickly, hoping I'd be OK, but I had to lean on the wall, which didn't really help. So I banged on the floor for help, as i knew I was definitely going to be sick by now, and tried to get dressed as I waited.
My sister shouted up the stairs "What's wrong?" and I told her I needed the sick bowl. But she didn't come back, so I went downstairs and as I was, i started being sick, and because my Dad had thrown the bowl away, i had to use the sink -_- so now the kitchen sink is a mess.
But my point is, IDK why I got like that. Heat from the bath? I went really dizzy too and could hardly see anything, as my eyes went blurry and the colours were going green and blue.
I still feel kinda sick today, but I've been OK so far. I didn't feel sick b4 my bath, so my guess would be the hot water, or food poisoning :/
If it was food, then pasta is evillll D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! D': i had ravioli lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to type that down XD if anyone is a doctor or something and is reading this, then can 'ya help me figure out what happened?


First of, I'll tell you about A.N.U, or Anime Nutters United, the cosplay group that I am in.
Here is our website/forums: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Anime_Nutters_United
A.N.U is a group set up for people in the North of England to join who like Manga, Games, Anime, Cosplay etcetc :] so if you're interested, please do visit the forums, or even ask me about it<3
Here are some photos of a few of us in the group:
I am one of the co-leaders of the group now :] I joined A.N.U on the 2nd meet, but because I go to like EVERY meet we have now ( I only missed Halloween due to swineflu D': )Rachel ( the leader )decided I should be one of the co-leaders x3 the other co-leader, who was co-leader before I was, is Melissa.
I think that I'm the oldest out of the Leaders, either that or Melissa is. But I'm not the oldest in the group XD

Our next meet date is
Saturday 27th February 2010 which I have to organise, as Rachel has to study for her GCSEs n_n she's still probably coming to the meet( thank god lol ) but mainly studying all day xD so she's still gunna be the leader, it's just there's 2, as I'm organising it XD

OK so secondly, I wanted to show photos on last month's meet x3
We had Anime Night on Saturday 23rd January, which is when we sleepover at Rachel's house and watch Anime~
And then on Sunday 24th January we had A.N.U's meet date, where we meet in town ( Leeds ) and go to the shops we have with anime, manga, and games etc, and we also do other activites. This time we went cosplay bowling~! It was warm inside and cold outside, so yes XD

We met at Rachel's house, seeing as those going to Anime Night all knew where it was, and then after much hunting for Rachel's purse, set off for the bus, without the purse.
At the bus stop~
While waiting at the bus stop, having random fun and dancing, Rachel got a call and was told that they'd found her purse at her house. So she and Melissa ran back to her house..
And left me, Ann-Marie, and Monisha at the bus stop.
But they weren't fast enough, as soon after they had gone back, the bus came.
We didn't know whether or not to stop it and ask them to wait, but when  we turned to the bus doors, he was shutting them, not even looking at us. Monisha told him to wait, but he acted like we were invisible O___o tight git XDXD
So then we all waited for the next bus, when Rach & Melissa had got back, which was like, 20 seconds after the bus had gone >_<

We had about 20mins to wait, but that flew by, as we were having fun at the bus stop dancing and such XD even though it was such a small space, lol.

We got off at Bradford, and started walking to the Ice Skating Rink~ :3
On the way, we found these little horses.. and we couldn't resist xD
Me on my horsey~ x3
So after that epic moment, we started walking again XD

Sadly, we weren't allowed camera's in the icerink, so I have no photos Dx
But I'll tell you some stuff that happened xP
I didn't fall over.
I think Rachel is the only one of us who did.
I spent most of the 3hours-ish holding Monisha's hand as we skated around the ice.
My skates were too small and have shredded my skin off my feet( they're still not healed lol )
We waited about an hour for chips.
Due to that, they forgot I had bought a drink, and didn't charge me XD( well, Rachel, as she was buying it for me, and I would pay her back when I got my purse from the locker )
I found a £5 note on the floor, and it turned out to be Rachel's when I asked everyone in the group xP
We attempted caramelldansen on the ice XD
Monisha and I went to ask them to play it, but they werent taking requests at that time D:
There was a guy in there who looked like ENGLAND from Hetalia! xD

OK so after we came out, we went back to some glass panel things that we had seen b4 going iceskating, and took photos( there r loads but here r just a few ):
( ok so i uploaded a lot anyway >< )
Then we had a few more photos..

OK I'm gunna stop posting so many pics now XD it's taking me longer to post this entry..
In fact, I'll make another entry for the Meet Date :D

So we walked back to the bus station, and a few more photos were taken in the...er.. i forgot it's name xD
The tunnels that go under the roads :P
I'm only uploading that tho.
The other photo is a failed ver of this xD

OK, so you remember a few sentences ago I said there was a guy who looked like England from Hetalia?
Surely this isn't coincidence.
He got on the same bus as us.
OK, you might be thinking, 'ok, sure, kinda odd but..'
That isn't all of it.
His friend he was with also looked a bit like North Italy.
And they played BLEACH music.
Perhaps they were cosplaying? XD
No photos of him >< but i have a video on youtube, where you can kiiiinda see his head lol.
also here are a few more videos I took :P
All my pictures of Anime Night AND A.N.U's Meet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoamxhVtYWo

Then we got off in Leeds, and went around town for ramen and snacks( and our epic cute chopsticks!! I got panda's x3 ), and then went back to Rachel's house to eat and watch anime~! Also Melissa brought her singstar games so we played those too, while waiting for Rachel's Mum to be done with the TV :]
We found a shiny snowflake in a tree xD
After about 10mins of epic jumping to reach the damn thing, I GOT IT! 8D

OK well that's it for this entry! :D
Haha, Rachel. Now you can't tell me off for not posting anything about A.N.U! >D
Next entry I hope will be about the meet ^D^

Cya Then!
I hope :3

[Quizzes! Yay!] Hetalia Quiz!

Jan. 30th, 2010 | 06:57 pm
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music: Marukaite Chikyuu - Holy Roman Empire

Despite the fact I just made a blog entry n_n'
Lol, here's a Hetalia quiz I just found, to find out which char you are! :P

North Italy (Vargas Feliciano)
[x] You were bullied a lot in your childhood
[x] You adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit.
[ ] You're very happy-go-lucky
[x] You constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you're always away with the fairies
[ ] You have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up
[x] You're a good artist
[x] You can be clumsy at times
[ ] You have a friend you always depend upon if you mess up something
[x] If your life was in danger, you would do the typical Italian thing and say: "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I HAVE RELATIVES IN YOUR COUNTRY!"
[ ] You would surrender in a war situation


Germany (Ludwig)
[ ] You're very stoic and serious
[ ] Sausages are your favourite foods.
[ ] You like to walk dogs/your dog
[ ] Your boss/principal/tutor/home-room teacher is a nut-case.
[x] You love rules and think they should always be followed to a T
[x] You think the world would be better if everyone played by the rules
[x] You work very hard
[x] Your alone time is your 'happy time'
[x] You can appear tough but be very considerate towards people
[ ] You've had issues with money once or twice


Japan (Kiku Honda)
[ ] You're very mature
[ ] You think everything over before saying it.
[/] You believe in ghosts but aren't phased by the experience when you see one
[x] You isolated yourself during childhood
[/] You became very successful in a short amount of time
[x] You are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to the outside world
[x] You can seem cold/aloof to other people
[ ] You're good at practical tasks
[x] You need time to adjust to new people


The Allies

The United States of America (Alfred F. Jones)
[ ] You love hamburgers
[ ] You think you're awesome
[x] You love to invent things
[x] You love going to the cinema/watching films/making films
[ ] You can seem to be very brash to other people
[x] You have a tendency to stick your nose into other peoples' business
[ ] You're terrified of ghosts
[x] You know aliens exist
[ ] You tend to wear a bomber jacket all the time
[ ] You wear glasses


The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (Arthur Kirkland)
[x] You like tea
[x] You were quite tough and troublesome as a kid
[x] You're very sarcastic and cynical
[ ] Your cooking is awful
[x] You love spiritual magical stuff, such as fairies, ghosts...
[ ] ...But you refuse to believe in aliens.
[x] You have tried doing black magic before
[x] You get drunk quite easily.
[ ] When you are drunk, you tend to be very unhappy
[ ] You're good at embroidery


France (Francis Bonnefoy)
[ ] You're very affectionate
[x] You think you have a great fashion sense
[ ] You like wine
[ ] You're the master of whispering romantic things into peoples' ears
[ ] You love red roses
[ ] When it comes to l'amour, you don't mind men or women
[x] You're very proud of yourself
[x] You love culture and the arts
[ ] You're very flamboyant
[ ] You say you're a gourmet


Russia (Ivan Braginski)
[ ] You had a very sad childhood.
[x] You're very tall
[x] You have a tendency to switch between personalities
[ ] You wear a scarf all the time
[ ] You love sunflowers
[ ] You love vodka
[ ] You can seem intimidating to other people
[ ] You're very strong
[x] You have a big nose
[/] You have a strange laugh that can scare people


China (Wong Yao)
[ ] You're very mature
[ ] You're very superstitious
[ ] You're very religious
[x] You love pandas
[ ] You love cooking so much that you nag if food has a certain pattern of tastes
[x] You love Hello Kitty
[ ] You try to be a role-model for your brothers/sisters/whatever, but are never taken seriously.
[x] You work hard
[x] You're good at drawing
[x] You like sweets


And now for some other countries!

Austria (Roderich Edelstein)
[ ] You are very well-raised
[x] You're polite
[ ] You love classical music
[x] You like cake
[x] You have a mole on your face
[x] You dedicate your time to your hobbies rather than what needs to be done right away
[ ] You are a virtuoso/play very well on at least one instrument
[ ] You've composed music before
[ ] You tend to call people 'morons'
[ ] You wear glasses


Canada (Matthew Williams)
[x] You're often ignored by people
[x] You look younger than you actually are
[ ] You love hockey
[x] You love polar bears
[x] You hate fighting
[ ] You have one strand of curly hair, like Italy
[ ] You often get mistaken for someone else
[ ] You feel under-appreciated
[ ] You're bilingual
[ ] You always carry a bear with you


[ ] You smoke
[ ] You're very physically strong
[ ] You've won a lot of fist-fights
[ ] In your social circle, there are two brothers - you get along with one, but not with the other.
[x] You have very strong emotions about a variety of topics
[ ] You like hot weather
[x] You can be very friendly from time to time
[ ] You look very tough on the outside
[ ] You make a very nice role-model
[ ] You don't let people get a word in edgeways


Hungary (Erszebet Hédeváry)
[x] You have a potty-mouth
[ ] You like to wear flowers in your hair
[ ] You used to be a very tough kid
[x] You're very reliable
[ ] It's better to have you as a friend rather than an enemy
[/] You're very faithful
[x] Your speech and mannerisms can be considered very unladylike
[x] You and your best friend go together like chalk and cheese.
[x] You are graceful one moment and grinning like a maniac the next
[ ] If someone yells that yaoi is going on somewhere, you will drop everything to run off to go and see it.


Lithuania (Toris Lorinaitis)
[x] You're very loyal
[ ] You feel like your best friend drags you around a lot, but you both have a great time together
[ ] You're very serious
[ ] You have a lot of patience
[x] You think too much about philosophical stuff
[/] You get depressed when questioning the point of existing/the universe, etc..
[x] You're not very confident
[x] You were quite rebellious as a child
[x] People tend to walk all over you
[x] You're a born worrier


Poland (Feliks Lucasiewocz)
[ ] You're very flamboyant
[x] You're quite hyperactive
[x] You can be quite goofy
[ ] When you're depressed, you tend to rise out of it like a phoenix
[/] You're very wary of strangers
[/] It takes you ages to come out of your shell
[x] However, when you're used to someone, you're very chatty
[ ] You're very forceful and stand at one end of the argument when it comes to your opinions
[ ] You love pansies and corn-poppies
[x] You get up to lots of crazy antics


Prussia (Gilbert Weillschmidt)
[x] You're quite mean-spirited
[ ] You're a bit of a hooligan
[x] You're very loyal
[/] You're very good at tactics
[ ] You hate Russia
[ ] You love to fight people
[ ] You can avoid marriages quite well
[x] You're not always taken seriously
[ ] You like drinking
[x] You want to become stronger


i nearly was, though
I AM...
LITHUANIA!//Toris Lorinaitis!

A Joint 2nd is..
ENGLAND(Arthur Kirkland) & N. ITALY(Vargas Feliciano)

And 3rd is Hungary(Erszebet Hédeváry)

But she was almost 2nd xP i decided having me as an enemy isn't too bad, though :/ i'd be evil to you secretly >P haha. BUT YES, FRIENDS!! <3
Alright, ( i always end these with that or 'alrighty' lmao )so I'll seeya next time xP

Hope you have fun if you decide to take this quiz too!
Luv ChaRAWR!
EDIT 5thFeb2010: just noticed- there's red in each flag of the countries i got there.. red is my fave colour XD

[Amu Hinamori Cosplay] Snow photoshoot~

Jan. 30th, 2010 | 05:13 pm
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music: My Interpretation - Mika ( aswell as many other songs while posting images XD )

welcome to another episode of.. wait, this isn't a TV show!!


OK, anyway XD...*glares up at the England Plushie*...

It's distracting me now xD
Ooh i know~!

I wanted a photo of an Amu PLUSHIE, but could not find, so that'll do xP

Alright, I'll stop 'spamming' my own blog entry now xP
What I wanted to post was~
My little sister Rosie, who is 9, took them for me with my camera, and we froze our fingers and toes off while outside, but we got a lot of photos XD by the end, my sister was really moaning at me lmao, out of pain I think :P

Amu is Queen of the Snow Castles!
they're her minions >D

ME: Yes, Amu.. look around, everything-
ME: ...-_-'

Amu & her beloved tree~

What could be up there? An X egg?

There you are, Ran & Miki!!
Now to find the other two..

Found you, Suu~
See? I found Dia too!

I swear I looked at the camera!
Lmao, this photo is still really awesome, anyway~!

^ That's 'lock on'

^ & that's 'open heart' lol

Wobble Wobble~ lol
The closest we got to a jump XD
We tried for literally agesssssss! Which is why my sis was getting fed up 'XD
Aah~ Amu and her 'peace' poses.
I decided on a 'double peace' pose, as it's just much more awesome than just one!!

Alrighty, FINALLY finished posting them XDXD
There were a few more ( maybe 5. Under 10 i reckon ) but i chose my faves to put on this entry,
due to not wanting to be sat here doing the same thing over and over 'XD
If you do wish to see the rest, visit my photobucket 'cosplay' album, which is;
There are quite a few more pages now, but it's all my cosplay so enjoy~

Alrighty then, I'll be off now :3 thank you so much for reading this far!! Really! :D Any comments are appreciated highly~

WOULDN'T WANNA BE YA'! xP jkjk, darlings.

[Art!] Yay for drawings!.. of Arthur!!

Jan. 29th, 2010 | 03:42 pm
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music: Hetalia Music~! ( end song = W・D・C ~World Dancing~ - America )

Aren't I Nice?

Well, I'm waiting for videos to upload onto Youtube, and I need to distract myself from the spider that's on my ceiling -_-
So, although I have many other things I could post about, I thought I would show you my failed drawing of Iggy, That took 1hr 30mins total time to do!
At first, I was really proud of this, but when i turned on my laptop to check how to draw the Union Jack ( I know, I fail for not knowing how to draw it XD But I want it to be accurate! ) I saw I'd made his hair.. too 'smart' I guess. >_< It should be messier and his fringe looks too damn neat..
But I did put a lot of effort into this, actually using pencil to draw the outline, which is a rare thing for me to do as i usually just draw in pen.
So anyway, here it is~
*wait how come i smell burning?*

After doing the above, I then went on my laptop to look at the flag. So, this time is when I realised his hair looks stupid >_<

And there's the result n_n'
Anyway, although his hair fails, and actually his arm with his hand holding the tea-plate is annoying me XD
What do you think about it? Any CC?

There's this Tokyo convention thing or something in London tomorrow & Sunday, and I REALLY WANNA GO~!
But A: IDK who I'd go with.
B: London is too bloody far away..
C: Short Notice.
D: I have money now but it's for cosplay and the expo in Feb.
E: I probably don't deserve to go as I missed college for the whole of this week -_-' not my fault my body refuses to get up, nor is it that the damn iceskates shredded my skin off my feet and they hurt with shoes on! v_v

So yeah, 5 reasons why I really can't...
But it's mainly due to reason B XD
Aww.. if i lived nearer, I'd totally go. It's even free admission!!

*so jealous of whoever can go*
Alright well, I'll end this entry here, although I might post another later XDXD

Luv ChaRAWR-