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Christmas Day!

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Dec. 29th, 2010 | 12:00 am
location: My Bed :3
mood: creative creative
music: Tommy February6 & currently: Tommy Heavenly6

Here's a diary entry I did for Christmas~

25th December 2010
Hey~ awesome blog! That's being viewed by awesome peeps! OK so, it's 3am right now, but I don't care 'cuz I've just totally gotta tell you about this thing!!albeitIamactuallytiredforonceonthisnight! XD guessI'mgrowingup,huh? :\
So! I've recently, that is to say a few hours ago at 1am, taken a bath. What happened during this time is nothing really out-of-the-ordinary: I basically get washed and snicker to myself about things in Hetalia that I have realized, had a coincidence with, acted out in cosplay, etcetc; LIKE TRUELY AWESOME PEOPLE DO, JA?! JA!
So anyways, ( is it me, or do I sound like Prussia?..Damn him and his bloody blasted blogs! ) when I got out of the bath, I look in the mirror and.. oh my god. Oh. Mein. Gott. I have.. an Italy curl! *actual spazz* OK so thinking about it, it was the Romano curl ( which works as I'm an elder sibling and I act grumpy like him a lot of the time. I am also: klutzy like him, the stuff I touch seems to break... that sorta thing! So I do understand him! )rather than the Feliciano one.
BUT THAT'S STILL AWESOME AS HE'S AN ITALY/IAN! ;D And I have never had one of them! Ever! Srsly!!

Oh speaking of Hetalia: 'tis coming up to my 1 year anniversary of watching it properly! XD Well, I saw the first episode on the night before 21st November 2009, but, I srsly did not understand it. So I, after hearing many people loving it, told myself that I too would check it out!
...And that, was one of the best decisions of my life~<3 lollollollol~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvV4f3VOP2o&feature=related

So Yeah!! It's awesome because I can probably easily remember this as the date of this HUGE(-ly awesome ) event that took place!!
OK, my eyes are really heavy now, so I'ma sleep. Good Night und Good Bye for now! I shall update later~<3!
- Char XxX

end of chapter: 03:28

3:26pm! Kesesese~ It has been 12hrs since I..finished my last entry, pretty much! xO
So I bet you awesome peeps are wondering what I've been doing thus far, right~?
WELL! I woke up, and... felt ill -.- I'm okay now, but It was very unawesome, and annoying! Although, I'm proud of myself for forcing myself to stay awake! Facebook and My Life is Hetalia on mobile internets really help in waking one up! <3 Also, an hour before I awoke, that is at 8am: My phone woke me up via the alarm going off, and it falling onto the floor xD! This is what I get for wanting my cat Twinkle to sleep next to me! ;^; ( she usually comes and tries to, so i have to move all my stuff if I give in to her >.< )

So~ the awesome I then commensed to to get ready; wearing the cute dress I bought yesterday~!( lol feminine Prussia? Was ist das? ) Unfortunately, the dress which I had wanted wasn't thar >,o,< but this dress is one I also really liked, so it's win~ oh and I also bought an awesome skirt<3!
...lol, anyway I'll shut up about clothing nao~
So I've opened most of my presents now, and I watched some Hetalia on the TV, from my HETALIA SEASON 1 DVD! Fuuu~ I actually love it! Oh and, I like Hungary's voice<3 It's annoying how the bandana, that the Americans got with their DVDs, wasn't included, though!

So currently, I am in Brewers Fayre with Mutter, Vater...IDK the German for Brother or Sister >.< ( ADDED NOTE: I can't believe i forgot Brother O.O it's Bruder xD!! Jeez, I shout it enough! You'd think I'd remember ':P )so, AMERICA-WANNABE and SEALAND/WEST! xD I think my dessert is about to come so I'll pause in a mo xD they're just getting icecream for my Caramel Apple Crumble.<3 WHICH WAS THIS, BTW:

Oishii mitai ne~?

So I need to unwrap and set up my laptop( which I'm currently using, hurr~ and i love it 8D!! )... but, I'm actually dreading it. The amount of things I need to do to/with it..It's overwhelming! Ugh! But I shall do it tonight.. see if it works, like. xD

OMFG! MY DESSERT WAS GENIAL! >w< I now has tea~ It's brewing atm. Fuu, I'm being bugged to pull my cracker naos. xD FINE I WILL, and I'll report back with what I got! ^^ <3 chotto matte!
Okay.. so now it's like, 7pm.
NO, I am not still in Brewsters! xD
Fuu, It's like the cracker knew me. I got a red party hat( favourite colour, and also, I had the same last year! ), a joke with 'What type of Vegetable needs a plumber? -A leek.'- Lol Miku much? xD- and a TAPE MEASURE! Lmao, what a coincidence! Fuu, I get too much coincidence around me!

Just watched Dr. Who.  It was awesome ^^ I enjoyed it! Aww, so sad though!
Right.  I'ma go open my laptop now! Nowhere to put it but you know Dx... Oh but before I do, lemme tell you what I went and did in brewers fayre/Brewster's! Only went and punched the base thing out of a light, when I was putting on my jacket XD! Yup. I've still got it!
My ability to be incredibly clumsy that is <3!
Oooh, I hear fireworks outside!
x Char~~
Fuu~ Laptop is purdy<3
I sense me having to do a lot of work tomorrow..
Seriously, I really need my room sorting now! There's seriously no room any more, although I know that I can make some!
I'll hopefully post this online tomorrow too, maybe! (Wellthatfailed. Mebbeididstartitonboxingday,butIaintfinisheditXD;)
So yeah, 'tis a few minutes after 2.00 AM now.  So nearly 24 hours since I started this diary!  Pretty awesome, ehey? ^^

Alright well, overall, this Christmas was one of my best!  I mean, I sadly don't really remember any/many, but, just the alone fact that I didn't argue with anyone, and I fully paid off my debt with Dad xD- just to randomly point out ;D -made it a great xmas!
<3 AND YAY. I HAS HETALIA! >w< lol, a lot of my friends did, too XD I wonder what Amazon thought about them being ordered from close together places! ^^
Well, I'll stop rambling now n.n oh yeah, also just to quickly add: In Brewsters, pretty much as soon as I sat down, a kid and their relative( prolly Dad ) had a conversation that went like this:
Dad: "Yeah, and do you know what they're called?"
Kid: "They're called Alfred!"
...I so wish I knew what they were actually talking about!

OK! This'll do, as I'm coming up to the end of my..  4th page!  So, danke for reading, and I hope you had an awesome Christmas and 2010!  Happy new year! <3
Signed, Charlotte xxx
Ps. Albeit the snow was already there and there wasn't much, we had a white Christmas!


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