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[Cosplay Meets] The Past 2 Months~

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Apr. 27th, 2010 | 09:15 pm
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I hope this doesn't turn out reallyyyy long >.<;

Seeing as I have like, A TON of cosplay meets to update with, I decided it best to put them all in one blog post!
So obviously I can't explain them all very well T^T
But I'll post up photos and videos for you to look at 8D
Okay~ lets get on with it then, or I'll be here all day Dx

Alice in Wonderland Themed
Pulse Café, York
7th March 2010

One word & a full-stop?
Two words & a full-stop?

Seriously, I had a really great day, and I didn't want it to end TT_TT I love how Hetalia had pretty much taken over the whole day xDD it was like, Hetalia in Wonderland! ;D

My Dad drove me( yay! Thanks Dad, even though he wont read this xD saying thank you is hard for me BECAUSEI'MTOOBLOODYTSUNDERE so it has to go somewhere xD and that somewhere is here ) and i got there around 11:20 i think? xD
I think a few people didn't recognise me that well due to the fact they've only ever seen me with a pink wig and no 'glasses' lol. But that's ok cuz I get like that too Dx like "I KNOW I've seen them before..I think..but I don't know for sure who as!" lol.
It isn't just me, right? xD

Anyway, to sum it up; we blew up unicorns, raped one another, ate cake, drew, danced, watched lolsome and just-plain-freaky videos, made England's curse of his eyebrows to spread absolutely everywhere, sung marukaite chikyuu & pub and go!, took photos, acted drunk, and scared normal people. Anything else people care to add to the list?

And, I swear to drunk I'm not god! :3


Midlands Cosplayer's Meet
6th Meet - My First
Meadowhall, Sheffield
22nd March 2010

This was my first time going to Meadowhall, heck even to Sheffield xP
Got a train there with Rachel. D: Adult tickets are £7 and odd! Still, better than York ones O.o
England, sort out your train fares!! xD
H'okay, so, things that happened?
We mainly went to some shops ^_^ I didn't buy anything tho( except for food ), but Janet gave me a passport notebook that says 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' XD she also got Russia's, America's, and Cuba's xP She's just waiting to find a Cuba cosplayer now I think, haha.
The only bad thing's that happened were we were attacked by chavs D< they were actually stupid enough to throw money at us though. Stupid chavettes XD they started with pennies, and then went to 10p's. We were kinda hoping they'd throw pounds next XD
And also, I lost my phone D':
I have a new one now, but... I had so much stuff on that phone T^T they said they'd send it bk. Even gave address. But seems they've bloody well kept it now! D< I feel like ringing them and finding out who the hell they are. Anyone know of a phone tracker online? XD

Photos with 'meet 6' on.

Waterstone's: Snakes and Ladders Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEwm3vWfVps
Waterstone's: Snakes and Ladders Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gy0wv1dADM&feature=related
Eigen's Epic Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGy38KpZg8w&feature=related
Paedo Cats - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB1joP51qiI&feature=related
Bomberman - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_b11Eyaews
RANDOM, DANCE, CHAV, DANCE! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As8qXCP0u0s&feature=related
Final Thoughts - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQSWTiHDSQY&feature=related
Photos - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn9zapuecOw&feature=related
My Video;
Emmerdale FARM on the big screen! xO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7aB8ABQtTU

28th March 2010

8D was a really great day!! We went York Dungeons, which was... scary Dx but it was only really scary when it went dark, and when you didn't know what to expect really. And the dummies too XD they scare me T.T
But it was really fun in there! 8D Especially when Poppy had to stand for the court XDD
Judge- What's your name?
Poppy- ...Alfred..
Judge- Alfred. And where are you from?
Poppy- ...America..
Judge- Oh. Well, you seem to have lost your accent then.

XD It was sooo funny. There were other funny bits too 8D liek when Gemma had to stand for the court too, and to prove she was insane, danced the cramelldansen, cuz I shouted it at her XD

Camera wars and beeps - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WXR3vnSgBw
Germany the Tree - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dHzH--yq6E&feature=related
Link VS France?! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqOxPvcCWVA

Cosplay Picnic!
Hyde Park, Leeds
6th April 2010

^^ Obviously we needed a meet in the Easter holidays!
We actually had two, but I only went to this one...*pouts* lack of money and outfit. IT STILL HASN'T BLOODY ARRIVED! RAGGGGEEE <.<
^_^ Anyways, on with this event's entry~
I was Amu Hinamori casual xO been a while since I wore the wig XD but It was near Easter so I really wanted to be Amu~
I'd worn the outfit at Easter, so.. it wasn't ready for this day >.< which was a Tuesday. By 'Easter' I mean Sunday. Soooo ya.
It was a great day 8D bit windy, but, still kinda sunny ^_^
I also used one of the photos we took for the new ANU poster! ^^

( ones saying A.N.U's Picnic 6.4.10 in caption! )

Meet With Hannah
7th April 2010

^^ The meet day Hannah-Kiwii invited me to in Leeds!
Lol, I waited at the station for half an hour for them, and then Rachel finally showed, who I had invited along too. We waited until 12pm, still no sign. Got cookies from millies cookies >D
In the end we decided to leave and look for them while going around some shops. Lol, we eventually found them all in Forbidden Planet, after eating fish and chips >D well, i had just chips but yah. HOW THE HELL DID RACHEL FINISH B4 ME?! T.T She had fish and chips... waa, me be slow eater Dx
I'm slow at everything damnit!! >.<
Lol at first Hannah stared at me for a few seconds, cuz she'd only ever seen me with my pink Amu wig on XD and I was being Igiko this day. Then she eventually figured out who i was XD she said they'd left the station JUST before I got there >.<; I got there at like, 11:10am.
We went to the chinese supermarket, then the museum in Leeds ( IT HAS A MUSEUM?! WHUT?! D8 ) and then Rachel and I went off again to find out at Travelling Man if they had anymore places for a Dr Who RP game XD
Apparently tho, they had lots of places left T^T damn our shyness! XD
Then we met bk up with the others after going to shake-a-holic, in Culture Vultrue, where I found a Union Jack bandana >D yeah, I'm not obsessed at all~
Lol It's for my Igiko Pirate cosplay 8D NECKERCHIEF. WHOOP!
And that was pretty much the day in a nutshell if you exclude a lot of the details XD

( the end photo is the staircase one with blurry Rachel XD )

Hetalia Photoshoot
17th April 2010

XD This day could've been more of a photoshoot, but people were late Dx
Still, it was a lot of epic fun!! 8D
I was Punk!Igiko 8D In my 2nd punk ver~
Rachel travelled with me in the car ( thanks Dad for driving us~ )and I also invited Emma/PaintedApples11 along ^^ she had to get teh train tho XD
It was awesome seeing her again 8D I'd only ever seen her once before at Midlands MCM Expo 2010. AND YOU MAKE AN AWESOME IGGY, EMMA~! ^^ We must get Iggycest photos at some point ;D lol.
And RIP gloves... D: I swear America made you throw them in the McDonalds bin!! </3 and the tray... xD that was probably England fighting back >D


24th April 2010

Oh, it was such a great day x3 my feet died T^T but otherwise, it was fun!
Didn't go to many shops. We spent most of the day in hyde park, and helped Rachel film her KOC( kingdom of crazyness. Yes, craziness is spelt that way XD ) vid! So much fun!! I was Belarus~ the evil one in charge of the zombies >D ffff yeah! I'll show u it in a link 8D
Were gunna take photos but.. there weren't really any cherry blossoms, and we got too busy with the vid Dx lol.
Melissa started feeling ill after a while in Hyde Park D: Liz went home with her, which was sad T^T but I'm glad she was okay.. idk what was wrong exactly :/
I got the train to Leeds from cross gates station, which is half an hour walk for me from mah house T^T used to be closer when a toddler, lol. And walking in those shoes all that way.. it wasn't all that great T^T i even took two dif pairs! Lol, high heels r better than pumps?! WHAT IS THIS?! Dx
On way bk home, i was able to get the train with Janet 8D cuz it stopped at Cross Gates. I'm glad, because we got to talk for a while ^^ and finding the train on my own would panic me i think Dx


( photos saying 'Meet 9/24thApril2010' in caption! )
Rachel/Jenova( ;D )'s KOC vid! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MJO9R6a6TA

Museum Gardens & Evil Eye, York
25th April 2010

My god. I got the train.
By myself O.o
It was totally worth it ^^ I had a lot of fun, and it was great seeing my Wales again<3 lol hadn't seen her since Itadakimasu in March D8
I got a child return ticket >D whoop! Cuz I aint paying like £10 to go to York <.< lol.
My outfit looked kinda school-ish, so I suppose that's something that helped me get away with it 8D tho conductors don't really seem to care in my experience so far XD but I wont speak too soon ^^
Lol they always seem really nice O.o it kinda freaks me out.. lol.
So yeah, i mainly hung out with Wales for most of the day, in Museum Gardens, and then Evil Eye bar lol. WHOOP NON-ALCOHOLIC COSMO :3 it was really nice actually~
Wales an I had a Magic Duel >D and stick-sword fight lol.

http://s634.photobucket.com/albums/uu63/Yorcos/April 2010/

Wow, this took me 2 days XD including breaks lol.
I feel... a sense of achievement 83
Hope you enjoyed reading! ^^ And please comment if you read this 8D even if it's something random XD

I'll update with expo plans next perhaps~

x ChaRAWR x

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